The end of one and the start of another..

Hello friends and family, I hope you’ve enjoyed our 260 photo challenge as much as we had doing it.

After a few weeks off in which Eleanor got a new puppy and Tammy got a new house, we’re ready for a new challenge. This time it starts on the 1st day of 2013.

26 fortnights in a year and 26 letters of the alphabet, a co-incidence? I think not!  So come on over to and see what we’re getting up to in the new year.

Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes for a wonderful 2013.


Wow, our last theme!  And what a cool one to end on.  The trip to Lake Ballard was excellent, with lots of opportunities for photos.  Most time was spent photographing the Antony Gormley sculptures in the lake (sunrise, sunset and under the light of the full moon) but there was plenty of other stuff to shoot too.  So, here are my final five shots, nothing special but fun to try my new wide angle lens which I really like.

SALT LAKE – I couldn’t not include a shot of Lake Ballard since that was the main purpose of our road trip.  This was taken from the top of “the hill” which provides a 360 degree panoramic view of the lake and surrounding bush.  It provides a different perspective as you can see Gormley’s vision more clearly – people connected to people connected to the environment.

WOODLANDS – This was taken at the top of Lion Lookout on the outskirts of Coolgardie town.  From here you get a good view of the Coolgardie bioregion of the Great Western Woodlands, a place of international significance as it’s the largest and most intact temperate woodland left on the planet.

MINESITE – A familiar landscape in the Goldfields is mining.  The discovery of gold in the red dirt by Paddy Hannan in the late 1800’s changed this landscape forever.  This shot is of the eastern face of the KCGM superpit, the largest open cut mine in Australia.  $2 million of gold is hauled out of this massive hole every day of the year.  It’s quite amazing to sit and watch all the activity, it’s not until you see a car against the rock walls that you realise just how big this hole in the ground is.

ROCKS – A glitch in the otherwise flat and repetitive landscape was Sandford Rocks, a granite outcrop rising out of the scrub.  We spent some time here photographing the rocks and surrounding bush and wheatfields.  The sky was stunning, with streaking clouds providing lovely photo opps.

WHEATBELT – We noticed these silos on the drive out of Perth and made a note to ourselves to stop here on the way home.  Clearly, Moylan is the man to make you a silo if you need one, these were dotted across the wheatbelt, spewing out feed in paddocks of sheep.

Well, this post concludes the 260Photos challenge.  In these posts spanning 12 months, you will find 260 photographs – 130 from Eleanor and 130 from me.  It’s been a cool challenge – we’ve tried new things, learned more about our cameras, bumbled our way through a few themes, grown in our photography but most of all, we’ve had fun doing it!

Stay tuned, we’re finalising our thoughts and ideas for a new challenge in 2013.  You haven’t seen the last of us yet!

Eleanor’s Landscapes

A trip out to Lake Ballard gave us some excellent opportunities for landscapes. There is some amazing country out there.

Here is the landscape of Lake Ballard, a salt lake where Antony Gormley arranged some strange metal sculptures that are supposed to be residents of nearby Menzies. This shot was taken on the afternoon we arrived.



On the second day it was so hot we went for a drive, taking the engel for a charge up and looking for different landscapes. We came across this windmill watering the bullocks in the area. When we pulled up they all came up to the road. I think they thought we were there to feed them, but the song “cows with guns” did spring to mind and there was one very large bull. So we hopped back in the car…


After two days at Lake Ballard we headed for Kalgoorlie and the Superpit. We observed a blast and then we followed directions to the waste dump to see the haul trucks dumping. What we discovered were massive stockpiles of waste as far as the eye can see. Superpit = super waste pile.


After Kalgoorlie we headed west and stayed overnight in Southern Cross and then on our way back to Perth we went out to Westonia in the search for some interesting landscapes and found Sandford Rocks. The sky was awesome with such lovely clouds.


While Tammy drove I was able to take photos through the window. I was after a shot with a truck, pipeline and the railway line, which sums up the highway.


Great trip. Thanks T for doing all the driving. It was a terrific opportunity to take photos of some amazing sights.

And so endeth my challenge. 5 shots to go and that’s out 260 photos.

Lake Ballard here we come

Well, despite the fact that neither of us are particularly organised for this trip yet, we will be heading north east on Friday morning and on the look out for opportunities for a good landscape shot. Won’t be back until the end of the month so I guess we’ll post our final shots in the first few days of November, thus ending our year and completing the 260 images.

And the final theme is….

Well, here we are, almost at the end of our challenge. Next weekend Tammy and I are heading out to Lake Ballard, north of Kalgoorlie and so we should have ample opportunity to get some shots for the final theme. So armed with our wide angle lenses we’re going for landscapes.


I chose this theme but I’ve totally bombed at it.  I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t dedicated time  to having a decent play with some ideas.  Instead, here’s five shots from our Perth Royal Show visit.  All shots taken at night in sideshow alley, handheld.  I promise to try harder for the last theme.

SPINNING – The rides in sideshow alley are crazy, especially at night.  It makes me feel wobbly and sick just watching others ride them.  I wanted to show the chaos of having two wild spinning rides side-by-side.

SWINGERS – I loved watching this ride swinging round and round.  The people seemed to be having so much fun and the pulsing colours of the lights were mesmerising.

TWIST – Trying to capture fast moving rides at night with slow shutter speeds and no tripod is a challenge.  I twisted my camera slightly for this double exposure so that it appears the ride has two arms when it actually only has one.

GLITTER LADY – I’m not sure what this lady was for but she was outside some sort of disco ride.  I took a double exposure zooming the lens between each click.

DOUBLE NITRO – Another of the crazy rides.  This one swings and twists.

Eleanor’s Multiple Exposure Shots

Tammy likes to experiment. I admit I’m  not that excited by these sorts of things. Nevertheless I read the manual and worked out how to get in camera multiple exposure shots. We had some fun the other weekend at the Perth Royal shot and I had a go using multiple exposure shots taking the fireworks and the lights of sideshow alley and I was quite pleased with the results. I have since searched for some ideas and inspiration but nothing came. Examples on the internet were disappointing and a few things I tried aren’t worth sharing so here are five shots from the the Perth royal show.

My last theme choice

I can’t believe it’s almost a year since we started this photo challenge.  What a fantastic catalogue of images we’ve shot over that time.

Ok, so my last theme choice is going to be a challenging but creative one.  My camera (so I’m presuming ELanor’s too) has the ability to take multiple exposures in-camera.  Not bracketing where shots at different exposures are taken one after the other, but actual overlaying of the exposures on top of each other.  It’s a setting found within the menu structure but basically you can choose how many images you would like the camera to expose together and then you take those shots one after the other.  I had a quick play this morning with two exposures and it seemed to work ok.  Unlike the old film days where you would shoot a roll of film, then rewind it and shoot over it again, digital cameras allow you to get multiple exposure overlays in just a few clicks.  This is something that could be achieved through layering in Photoshop but since Eleanor and I use Lightroom, we can play around doing it in-camera instead.  Here’s some example on Flickr.

My final theme is MULTIPLE EXPOSURES. Thought this might be a fun one to end on and something a bit different.

Eleanor’s Spring Flowers

So many flowers so little time. Wireless Hill, Kings Park, Araluen… Not enough time, so an extra fortnight just on spring flowers was supposed to get us out and about to some other places.

A trip to Busselton for a Photography workshop guaranteed, if the weather was kind, wildflowers and especially orchids. I had hoped there’d be time to get out to Araluen for the mass bulb shots, but time got away. We did find orchids when we went to Busselton, so here is a collection of five.

We drove south along the South West Highway because I thought there would be more photo opportunities, but it poured with rain. We got a respite when we got to Bunbury, quick drive through town and then on to Capel. The sun was still shining as we drove down the driveway to drop Cassie off at her favourite holiday park, Bushlands Pet Resort. Eagle eyed Tammy spotted orchids as I drove down the driveway so after dropping the dog off we stopped on the driveway to capture our first for the weekend.

Purple Enamel Orchid


After a great Saturday morning at Castle Rock looking for landscape opportunities with Christian Fletcher we headed into the bush near Yallingup with our assigned guides from Busselton Camera Club to find orchids and we weren’t disappointed.

Chapman’s Spider Orchids


A bit of a drive down Wildwood Rd to Carbunup to find the Carbunup King Spider Orchid, a tall species of spider orchid.

Carbunup King Spider Orchid


We found others while we were there.

Rattlebeak Orchid


and right on the edge of the path…


Silky Blue Orchid


Orchids are amazing. I have a book which identifies just orchids of south west Australia. It’s 500 pages long and over 100 pages just for spider orchids. What will we find next spring? I’ve just discovered that there are some orchids that flower over summer…..


I love photographing wildflowers – not only is it exciting to find a beautiful flower in all the greenery, but it lets me practice my macro skills which then comes in handy for my underwater photography.  We spent a weekend down in Busselton taking landscape and wildflower photos.  It was awesome to get a personal tour through the bush with Ann Storrie who found all sorts of spider orchids for us.  It really is a wonderful time of year to be out taking photos, I hope you enjoy my photos this fortnight as much as I enjoyed taking them.

ENAMEL – We found these enamel orchids growing in a paddock at the dog kennel.  A glimpse of purple caught my eye as we drove along the gravel road so we stopped on the way out.  Just before the heavens opened, we grabbed a few shots  as the sun peeked through the clouds.  I love how shiny these orchids are, they almost look fake.

LEOPARD – this is the back of an enamel orchid.  I love the leopard spots which go unnoticed if you don’t take the time to look at the underside of the flower.

FEATHERS – these gorgeous red flowers were on the beach walk we did with Christian Fletcher from Castle Rock to Meelup Beach.  I’m not sure what they are (and I need to find out) but they were just so delicate with the feather like flowers against dark green foliage.  I found one dripping nectar too which made for some lovely shots.

FRINGE – It’s always lovely to find these beautiful fringed lillies.  They have distinctive twisted leaves and branches which tangle themselves around other plants.  The colour of the flowers is quite varied with some so pale they are almost white and others a darker purpley pink colour.  This one had just a tinge of colour.

SPIDERS – These are Chapman spider orchids with striking blood red markings and long tendrils.  I’ve seen lots of spider orchids but never really appreciated just how many varieties there are and the colour variations that exist.  This clump was in the middle of a dirt track just out of Dunsborough.  I decided to try a different angle so laid on the ground and shot up into the sun.