Motion and Movement by Tammy

I got down to six images for this theme and had a hard time choosing which one to drop.  So, here’s my final five.

Two-faced.  I used my remote shutter release with a four second shutter speed to take some crazy self-portraits.

Dog racer.  I got lots of blurry shots of Hugo running past me until I finally managed to get his face in focus with everything else blurred as he raced past me with his ball.

Flickering flame.  The eternal flame in Kings Park at night.  I love watching fire, the way the flames dance and lick, creating beautiful shapes that are never the same.

Swimmer.  Arms rotating, legs kicking, water splashing – a 1.6km swim at Fremantle’s South Beach.

Wheel.  The ferris wheel on the Fremantle Esplanade, spinning punters round and round to catch the night-time view.

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