Portraits by Tammy

I enjoyed this theme and it gave me an opportunity to get some lovely images of some of the kiddies in my life. I love shooting portraits of kids, they are spontaneous and carefree and really let their personalities shine.  So, here are my final 5 – a couple of kids, my dog and some nature.

Taine – he is such a gorgeous kid and this photo of him makes me smile.

Lily – I really love this shot of Lily with her hedgehog helmet.  Her facial expression is classic!

Fly – there were lots of flies buzzing around my backyard and I wanted to get a super-macro portrait shot.  I added a 1.4 teleconverter and diopter to my lens to get this shot.

Osprey – I headed to the Swan River to look for these magnificent birds.  They all seemed to be on the other side of the river, until this one landed close by in a dead tree.  I crept through the bushes to get closer and he sat for about an hour, sneaking a look my way every now and again.

Hugo – he’s not the most cooperative dog when it comes to photos but he did pose for me a couple of times during the fortnight.  I liked this more candid shot which looked even better when converted to black and white.

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