My favourite things by Tammy

I started a concept for this theme but I lost track of time and didn’t finish it.  So, I decided I’d go with – my favourite things to photograph.  I had two jam-packed weekends, doing the things I love and taking photos of my favourite subject – wildlife.

Grey nurse – my favourite dive site at Rottnest Island is the cave where the grey nurse sharks congregate.  Such magnificent creatures!

Bridled tern – after a long flight from Indonesia, these terns are calling Penguin Island home at the moment.  They would fly down to the water to catch a small fish for breakfast and then bring it back to their spot in the bushes to eat.

Penguin – this male Little Penguin looks like he’s full of the joys of spring after finishing his moult and getting ready to return to the water to feed and fatten up.

Sealion bull – having dived with the sealions at Jurien Bay the previous weekend, it was awesome to lay on the beach with this big male.  He was quite content rolling around in the sand and sleeping, keeping a watchful eye on us humans every now and then.

Skink – I’m not a huge fan of these King Skinks, they kinda freak me out.  But they are awesome to photograph, with so many details on their skin.



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