Eleanor’s Old photos

When I thought about the theme I listed a whole bunch of things that I could shoot. It dawned on me when I was thinking about where I could find an “old” car, that the term “old” like “age” and “time” is a relative term. What is old to someone is not so old to another and also some things can be old before their time or because they only have a short life span are old more quickly… hmmm

Confused? Here’s a few examples:

Here we have the Round House in Fremantle. It was built between 1830 and 1831. Now compared to buildings in Europe and the middle east and China perhaps a building constructed in 1830 is not so old, but in Australia it’s considered an old building and is the oldest gaol in the Perth area.

Jumping into the 20th century… Here is a 1960’s Holden. Not as old as Tammy’s brother’s, but it’s older than me so that makes it old. This shot was taken with a 60 mm lens, probably not the lens of choice for such a task, however, this lovely old car is owned by Marty, a friend of Tammy’s who had come out diving with us and the 60 mm lens was all I had. I love that there are shadows of a palm tree on the bonnet of this lavender coloured car. I think it gives a 60’s summer lovin’ beach feel to the shot.


This poor old couch can’t be all that old. It’s had a hard life and you can see how the fabric is stained and faded. It’s hard waste chuck out time in my suburb and it’s a little disturbing how much junk people seem to have. Some of the things you see are not really that old in relative terms but are broken and therefore old before their time.

I like this shot as it is an object clearly not in its natural surroundings.

And now my final example. My mobile phone, still fully functional, small and does what I need it to do. But even though, like the Holden car, it is old, it is still able to perform what it was constructed to do. When it finally no longer meets my needs I guess I’ll have to make that leap like so many others and find some “smart” phone which will be larger and less durable than this 7 year old Nokia (perhaps older than the couch above).


I wanted to include the next photo as it shows how new development meets old. I wonder which wall will outlast the other…

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