OLD by Tammy

Here are my OLD shots.  The one shot I really wanted to get for this theme, but didn’t, was a portrait of my nanna.  She lives a couple of hours away and I didn’t get a chance these last two weeks but I’m determined to get that shot over the next couple of months.  With the theme being OLD, I had fun playing with a lot of shots in Lightroom, applying different old-style filters and treatments.

OLD POWER STATION – I headed down to the old abandoned power station on one of the stormy days we’ve had recently.  I took a few shots from different angles and was pretty happy with what I got, the textured clouds adding some drama.  As we watched the sun sink below the horizon, it poked out from the clouds one last time and I turned back to see the gorgeous light hit the power station giving it this golden glow.  With no wind, the building was perfectly reflected in the intake lakes between the power station and the sea.


’55 FJ – My brother bought this car as a shell when he was 14.  Hours and hours of work have gone into restoring the old girl to her former glory, albeit with a modern golden twist.


OLD BUILDING – There are lots of old buildings in Fremantle and Eleanor and I spent a few hours walking around photographing them.  I played around with this one in Lightroom to give it a totally different look, which I really like.


OLD DOOR – This old door was another find in Fremantle.  I liked the peeling paint, the holes where the handles and locks used to be and the sense of wondering what’s on the other side.  I’ve also played with this one in Lightroom to give it a different feel.


MUNITIONS MAGAZINES – I’ve driven past these old buildings at Woodman Point many times but never stopped to take a closer look. They date back to World War II, storage facilities for munitions.  Railway tracks and the nearby Ammunition Jetty were then used to transport them where they were needed.  These concrete pillows acted as protection for the buildings.  Amazing the history you can find in your own backyard.

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