I see RED

Now that Tammy is safely out of the country and winging her way to a scuba diving holiday destination in the area called Raja Ampat in Indonesia I will announce the new fortnightly theme. Never fear as one of Tammy’s travel companions has been made aware of the theme and will share it with Tammy on Tuesday morning.

The theme this fortnight was a little tricky as Tammy will be spending most of the fortnight in Raja Ampat,while I’ll be spending the entirety of the fortnight in Perth. So some theme like street scapes was going to be a little difficult for my traveling friend as she’s on a boat for most of her time, although Jakarta would lend itself to some excellent examples.

So this fortnight our theme is RED. There are plenty of underwater creatures that are red, interestingly because at 30 m down, they look brownish as red is the first colour to go as light travels down the water column.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for interesting red subjects in around Perth. Red is one of my favourite colours and contrasts well with so many other colours. Let’s see what we can come up with.




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