Eleanor’s red shots

I spotted this truck in my suburb during the OLD theme, but wasn’t able to get a shot in time.  Luckily it fitted with this theme.

Cleaning up my garden during the week I discovered I’d disturbed this very large red back spider, which was possibly given the size of her abdomen was busy trying to spin a web and make a nest for her eggs.

This red door is one of three fronting the old fire station in  Fremantle, which is now a backpackers and Indian restaurant. The new Fremantle fire station next door is very 70’s looking in browns and no hint of red.

This is a eucalyptus erythrocorys or red cap gum. I was so captivated by these trees when I arrived in WA. They can be rather scrappy trees, but the colour when they flower makes up for all that. This shot is of a verge tree up near my local park.

And finally, a bit of fun with an experiment with tomato sauce.

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