RED by Tammy

I am very grateful to Eleanor for choosing a theme this fortnight that I could actually do.  As she mentioned, I spent most of this fortnight in transit or on a boat in remote Indonesia.  As I was on a diving trip, most of my photography was taken under the water.  I’m still going through all of my photos (I took around 4000) so I’ve quickly picked a few RED ones for this theme.  All taken in the beautiful and amazing Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.

RHINOPHORES – I love the contrast in colour of the red rhinophores (and gills which you can just see  in the top of the image) against the cream and purple body of this nudibranch (sea slug).

SHRIMP – These tiny clear shrimps live on corals and if you take the time to slow down and take a closer look, you can find lots of them hiding.  I like the red racing stripes on the shrimp which match the red coral.  This shot was taken on a night dive.

WHIPS – I love these red whip corals, the colour looks stunning against the blue water.

WORMS – Believe it or not, these are the feeding filaments from a worm.  They are known as Christmas Tree Worms and come in an amazing array of colours.  I like the hint of dark red on these ones.

CRAB – I spotted this crab on a night dive and knew I needed a shot of his red legs for this theme.  He was on the move though and wouldn’t sit still for too long.  This is the best shot I managed as she shot off to hide from my focus light.

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