Eleanor’s little bit of something

OK, so I approached this theme as a chance to use negative space more than normal and set about looking for good backgrounds. I considered all sorts of backgrounds but just couldn’t find any interesting subjects in them. A trip to Cottesloe to see the sculptures helped me get some shots for this challenge, but this meant that most of my shots used sky or sea as the negative space.

What I realised when reviewing my negative space shots is that often the back ground and space helps tell the story being depicted.

this last shot has a funny story. These ants had been in my bathroom for a few days. I couldn’t work out where they were going. then one morning I got up and found they were travelling from under the window sill in my bathroom, along the wall, around the toilet cistern, under the bench, down the wall to the skirting boards under the door along the skirting board into the kitchen, across the kitchen floor, up the cupboard and across the bench to where a piece of bacon rind had been missed and was on a board, obscured by the rim of a plate. I was going diving that morning but thought I’d like a shot of the ants. When I got home, they’d dispersed a bit and so the effect of the trail was not as it had been. What I like about this shot is that they took this corner, when the direct route was clear.


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