My concept for this theme was to take objects from around my house and photograph a small part of them (a little bit of something) on a black background (a whole lot of nothing).  I used my 105mm macro lens for these shots.

BIRD – this is part of a glass bird that I admired for a long time before finally buying it.

WHISK – Seeing the kitchen whisk in a different light, interesting shapes and lines, not just for beating eggs.

KEY – I like the bright green colour of this key, and the way it is rimmed with silver from lots of use.

WATCH – I’ve had this watch for a long time and someone had it a long time before me.  It’s pretty old and no longer works, the band is broken and the winder is missing, but it’s a pretty thing.

NAPOLEON – Another old object, a statue of Napoleon (well, I’m not even sure if it is Napoleon but that’s what I’ve always called it).  I know my great-grandma gave it to me many years ago but I don’t know much more about it’s history.

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