Eleanor’s Five Senses

When I chose this theme I thought it would be interesting and challenging to try and express the senses in a visual form. Interestingly sight turned out to be more difficult than you would imagine.

So here they are.

Cassie, like most dogs, has the view that her walks in the neighbourhood are about smelling who has been in her patch.

Touch! I had an idea to recreate the ET phone home moment, but didn’t have a long crooked green finger, but I liked the idea of fingers touching.

Taste. Here’s my friend Nicci enjoying a juice at a lovely little cafe in Fremantle called The Attic. I had to work quickly as it was going quickly. Must’ve been tasty.

Sound. Oh the sound of magpies calling in the morning.

Sight, the hardest one. I thought, how can you show what someone else can see? My photo buddy Tammy helped me out. the sight is not something I’d love to see but when you have a camera in your face, what can you see but the lens and the photographer.


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