I have to admit, I didn’t give this theme the attention it deserved.

A couple of weeks ago, I was offered some wall space in the heart of Fremantle to display some of my underwater images as part of the FotoFreo exhibition of photography.  I’ve spent most of my spare time choosing images, printing images, mounting images, making backing boards to display them on and creating image labels and display information.  It’s been a lot of work, but I’m excited about my first opportunity to exhibit my images.

Needless to say, most other things fell by the wayside this fortnight.  So here are my five rather rushed images to suit the theme of THE FIVE SENSES.

Touch – there are things we touch that leave a lasting impression because of their texture or softness or in this case, the pain they cause.

Taste – I love prawns but my husband can’t stand them.  Isn’t funny the way our tastes can vary so much.

Smell – I like the smell of coffee more than its taste.  There’s something about the waft of fresh coffee as it grinds and brews in the kitchen.

Sound – Kids, and more so babies, use sound to their advantage.  Even if they can’t speak a word, they can use sound to communicate and it certainly makes us adults take notice.

Sight – do you see what I see?  This is Eleanor and Timo checking out my exhibition but do they see what I saw and tried to capture on that dive.

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