This was my theme choice and I thought it would provide a good opportunity to get out and about and take some photos.  Eleanor and I did head into the cultural precinct of the city for a couple of hours but I would’ve liked to have headed out another couple of times.  I also realised I should have done some online research first and studied different styles of architecture and then sought out examples to photograph.  Time once again got the better of me, so here are my five pics from our walk through the city.  I guess they fit more with the theme of buildings/structures rather than architecture but I’m out of time and it’s raining so these will have to do.

MUSEUM – I really like the contrasting old and new architecture of the museum building.  I went to the museum a couple of years ago, the first time since primary school.  I loved it and I hope I can get back there more often to absorb some history and new learnings.

STATE THEATRE BACK AND FRONT – This is the newest building in the cultural area of Northbridge, home to the Heath Ledger Theatre as well as other performance spaces and rehearsal areas.  The facade is really lovely, with glittering gold features that reflect the Perth skyline.

HORSESHOE – The Horseshoe Bridge provides the link between the CBD and Northbridge’s cultural, food and nightlife scenes.  It was built in 1904 to curl William Street over the railway station.

WINDOWS – This shot is of a random office building in Murray Street.  The facade reminds me of my work building, lots of glass.


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