birds in the neighbourhood

Tammy and I went to Wellard wetlands last weekend. We saw swans, pelicans, ducks, fantails and whistling kites among others. I’ve been so aware of all the bird noises in my yard and neighbourhood and have managed to get some local shots. By far the most noisy and spectacular of these local birds are a flock of red tailed black cockatoos. These very noisy birds have been in my neighbourhood for the past two weeks. I hear them every morning squawking away while they eat the seeds on some trees in my area. Their favourite tree is at the back of a neighbours house across the street, just too far for my 400 mm lens to get a decent shot, but sometimes they’re in the cape lilac on the corner and I can get much closer. Fabulous! But I can’t really submit 5 cockatoo shots. Luckily my Dad gave me a birdbath he made and that attracts birds, although I’ve located it somewhere a bit shady for afternoon shots. Really enjoying this theme. What a shame that it ends this week.

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