BIRDS by Tammy

I had such a blast with this theme, thanks Eleanor for choosing a beauty.  I really love birds and the added challenge of photographing something that can fly away so quickly.  We did a couple of outings to search for birds and had the added bonus of plenty of birds out and about in the beautiful weather we’ve had this fortnight.  I had quite a few shots that didn’t make the final 5 including a shot of a spoonbill flying which I umm’d and ahh’d over but that hubby said he didn’t like.  Ahh well, you can’t please ’em all.

Kite in flight – We spent a few hours at the Wellard Wetlands and I then went back again the next day cos I wasn’t happy with my shots.  It was pretty hot and as I walked along the edge of one of the lakes, this Whistling kite flew out of the trees to see who was in his territory.  I counted at least 8 of these birds who have a beautiful call (hence their name) and were out hunting, flying and feasting on a dead pelican.

Duck reflection – we headed out late yesterday afternoon with the intention of looking for wrens.  But we decided to try a patch of bush near Bibra Lake cos there were lots of red tailed black cockatoos flying around.  We didn’t find much in the bush but headed over the road to the very dry lake and got some lovely reflections in the fading light.

Osprey on watch – over the Easter break, we headed down to Mandurah to spend time with family and friends and catch some blue swimmer crabs.  We got up early to hit the water and I grabbed my camera knowing there would be birds on the estuary.  There were plenty of pelicans, cormorants, egrets and other water birds but it was the ospreys perched in the dead trees that caught my eye.  This gorgeous female let us approach close by boat, eyeballing us as well as her potential prey.

Duck portrait – my brother-in-law celebrated his birthday with a brekkie in Kings Park.  Of course, I took the opportunity to photograph the ducks sitting on the pond.  This one let me get close for a portrait shot.  I love the swirly green of the water behind the duck.

Honeyeater hunting – I headed to one of the wetland areas on the Swan River late afternoon and found this honeyeater and a willy wagtail flying erratically as they tried to catch insects.  It was almost like they were dancing with each other as they ducked and dived.  I managed to get a few shots each time they settled on a branch before zooming off again.

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