Eleanor’s birds

Well, as we have seen, this is a theme that Tammy excels at. I particularly enjoyed this theme as it got me out with my camera, not just on trips with Tammy, but taking Cassie to the park and even just sitting on my back step and shooting the birds in my tree.

Black cockatoos! I just love them. Sometimes so difficult to shoot because they’re black and often in shade, munching on nuts. A cape lilac at the end of my street is a favourite with the red tailed variety and it’s that time of year again. what a mess, what a noise, but such a delight to have in the neighbourhood.

Tammy and I took my visiting parents to Wellard Wetlands, a site that Alcoa, after digging out some clay turned into a great site for birds, on Good Friday. We were treated to swans and spoonbills and whistling kites and ….. Just near where we parked the car we were greeted by this grey fantail. What a pretty little bird.

On a walk with Cassie I was on the look out for birds. the light was fading and I saw this quintessential urban shot. A crow on a power pole.

I had to include a shot of a bird in my garden. These guys move around so fast on my gum tree.


And at the end of our final weekend Tammy and I decided to go looking for blue wrens. Well we got distracted and ended up at Bibra Lake. We were treated to some fabulous colour in the sky and some interesting water bird activity. Here is a duck taking off.

3 thoughts on “Eleanor’s birds

  1. Eleanor your bird shots are lovely. I really like the little fan tail lovely colour and very sharp. Well done.

    • that’s very kind of you to say Naomi. I’m very pleased with my black cockatoo shot. Tammy does take wonderful bird shots. I think we’ll be looking for blue wrens this weekend – and shadows. cheers, Eleanor

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