Eleanor’s Shadows

I’m expecting a longer that usual day tomorrow, although not quite as long as Tammy’s. I figured I wouldn’t be taking any photos tomorrow and since Tammy has posted hers I thought I’d do the same. So here is what I got.

At our excursion to York last Sunday I also was on the look out for shadows. First I found the shadow of these hand railings on an ancillary building to St Patricks church.

We were invited into the church to see the beautiful stained glass windows. I liked the composition of this shot and the shadow of the crucifix.

I also took a shot of myself on the swing bridge and various shadows of gates. the fun shot was the shadow of the car while we were driving down the Roe Highway but none of these made the cut.

On a rather rainy weekend I had a bit of a play when the sun came out. I had been thinking what objects I had around the house that might make interesting shadows.

First was a fan given to me when I attended Michael and Jasmine’s wedding at Leeuwin Estate at the end of last month.

Then an old tungsten light bulb.

I have a small collection of glass cake platters and I started trying to capture the row, but I singled it down to just a single object.


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