SHADOWS by Tammy

Tomorrow is a full-on day (probably a 14 or so hour day) so I won’t have time to post my pics.  So I’m getting in a day early.

After choosing this theme cos we had nice weather, we’ve had a few rainy days.  It’s still been fun looking out for shadows while around the house or out and about.

TAINE – I wanted to include a portrait shot in my final five but had been thinking of using Rembrandt lighting to create the shadows.  I noticed the late afternoon sun shining through our louvre shutters and decided instead to give this a try.  I framed him so that his gorgeous green eyes dazzled in the sunlight.

WIND – This rather abstract shot was the wind blowing through the tree in my backyard, casting dappled shadows on my laundry door.

LILY – As Lily watched TV, I shone a studio light onto her face from above, the light casting these dark shadows over her face.  I was trying to capture her eyelashes on her skin.

BRIDGE – On an outing in York, I was looking for shadow shots as well as the shots we were tasked to take.  While I took a few shots of my own shadow on the dirt and on footpaths, the shadow of the suspension bridge on the water caught my eye.  I like the reflection of the blue sky, clouds and tree on the Avon River too.

WITCH – Another shot taken on the day in York, this one inside the Penny Farthing Lolly Shop.  This forked object hangs on the wall and I immediately noticed its shadow when I looked up.  It reminds me of a witch’s broomstick.

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