Eleanor’s Geometry photos

I had all sorts of ideas, but time has got the best of me, especially since I’m off on a trip. Fibonacci sequence can be seen in the spiral of a snail shell, triangles under bridges, stop sign octagons, honeycomb hexagons.. so Tammy and I had a day out in Kings Park and finished in Subiaco. Here are my shots of geometry in action.

First stop was the DNA tower with two stairways spiralling up in a double helix. Looking up from below I see a circle divided into 6 segments. The straight lines joined together where they intersect the circle would form a hexagon. The angle between each is 60 degrees.

A rotunda in Kings Park, booked for a wedding later that afternoon. Looking up again, this time I saw 8 spokes. The slats running between each beam form concentric octagons.

Looking closely at these callistemon seeds I saw pentagons, the five sided shape.

A trellis above a shop front in Subiaco. Autumn leaves in the sunshine divided by diamonds. Tammy said that diamonds are just squares on an angle. The sum of the angles in a quadrilateral, a four sided shape, is 360 degrees. The sum of the angles in a triangle (half a quadrilaterial) is 180 degrees. Love maths when it’s so simple like that.

And the humble triangle one of my favourite shapes. This is an equilateral triangle, where each side and angle are equal.

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