Oops, just realised I hadn’t chosen and posted my five shots.  All my shots come from the day out with Eleanor in Kings Park and Subiaco.  I could have done more but the weather has been cold and wet, work has been super busy and weekends have been spent fixing up the house.

Since I was seeing lots of shapes in Kings Park, I had thought I’d concentrate on geometry in nature.  But in the end, I decided to go with 5 different shapes.  Being an engineer, Eleanor has very nicely covered the technical and mathematical aspects of geometry in her post, so I’m just going for shapes.

TRIANGLE – There were lots of these triangular seed pods close to the ground in Kings Park.


SQUARE – With the rain puddling on the road, I noticed this scene a few times before I pulled over to take a shot.  It’s at the stop sign down from Eleanor’s house and alerts drivers to the up-coming speed humps, one of Eleanor’s pet hates.

STAR – I’m not really sure what flower this pod belongs to but it’s so distinctly a star.

OCTAGON – Outside a tile shop on Rokeby Road in Subiaco, this unusual roof made lovely shapes against the blue sky, clouds and trees.

CIRCLES – Or spirals.  These millipedes were curled up under a leaf in Kings Park.  I placed them on top of the leaf to take some pics.  Some passers-by were puzzled by what I was doing as I laid on the path photographing these little creatures.

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