Eleanor’s “Two of”

Thanks T, for picking this theme. I’m afraid I didn’t give it too much attention while I was away diving the warm waters of the Florida and Russell Islands and a few wrecks along Guadal Canal in the Solomon Islands,  but it was still there in the back of my mind and my mate Jo asking me every now and then if I’d got any two shots.

I had such a lovely time with my wide angle lens this trip. It sure helped that the visibility was pretty good and there was lovely reef and fish to shoot. These two masked butterfly fish were happily cruising around and didn’t dash off when I appeared, like most butterfly fish.

Two blue stars. I love how these guys just lie all over the reef.

What a bonus, two whip coral shrimps on one whip coral and close enough to each other for one shot. I didn’t encourage this.  This whip coral was hanging out in mid water, which made it a bit tricky.

OK, so I did just stumble on this one when I was sorting through my pics. Two crinoids, sometimes called feather stars. I love crinoids, which are brittle stars. On this trip I was excited to find two crinoid clingfish in one crinoid as well as a shrimp.

What a bonus! Two porcelain crabs under the edge of one anemone. What luck! They stacked up and posed for this shot. Rarely are they this co-operative.

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