TWO OF by Tammy

I had all sorts of ideas for the theme of TWO OF but didn’t get around to doing any of them.  Apart from the photos taken at my nephew Lukas and his cousin Piper’s birthday party, all other shots were taken as I messed around with my 105mm lens.  I hadn’t used it for a while so thought I’d have a play and try and get some TWO OF shots at the same time.

Twin spiders – a big, ugly, black spider has made a home for herself on the bathroom window sill.  She’s recently had babies so there’s a blob of teeny tiny spiders wrapped up in the web.  I put the diopter on the front of my lens to get close to these little guys who are only a few millimetres.

Duo of Dinosaurs – I was very naughty and attended the Dinosaurs Designs sale night at my favourite shop, Aspects of Kings Park.  This shop/gallery is full of the most gorgeous glass, ceramics, wood, paintings, books, cards, art.  I have my eye on several items which I hope will one day make their way into my house.  I’ve not bought Dinosaur Designs before but the unique resin pieces sure are popular and I managed to snaffle a few bargains at the sale.

Double shot – our coffee machine gets a work out several times each morning.  While I go for a long single shot, my husband prefers the double.

Two notifications – I was trying to think of what I could take for my last TWO OF shot.  When I opened my laptop and fired up Facebook, I found my answer.  There are many critics of Facebook and it takes up way too much of my time, but it’s also a great way to keep in touch with family and friends near and far.

Pair of two-year-olds – a joint party for Lukas and Piper who both turned two.  This shot ticks so many of the TWO OF boxes – two mums, two cakes, two kids turning two.  The kids had a ball opening presents, jumping on the bouncy castle and eating lots of cake!

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