I really enjoyed this theme.  I had loads of ideas and managed to do a few of them during the fortnight.  The other ideas became too hard when it was either too dark when I got home from work or too wet and wild to achieve them.  Here are my final five, it was a tough choice to get it down to five.

HUGO – this was one of the ideas I wanted to try and I think it turned out pretty well.  A fast moving dog is hard to photograph especially when you want him to lay on a mirror, but lots of treats always help.

FRANGIPANI – Another of the shots I wanted to capture, a reflection in a water droplet.  The wind kept me from doing this outside but a fallen leaf and flower from the frangipani in my backyard was brought inside and photographed using a studio light.  I wanted to use the pink colour of the flower as both the background and the reflection.

EGRET – I spent a glorious morning down at the Alfred Cove wetlands – no wind, lots of birds and the flat water surface was just like glass.  I approached this Egret as it stood on the edge of the wetland, but it wasn’t quite close enough to the water for a reflection.  As it flew, and then landed, it was reflected off the water just like a mirror.

NARROWS – On Friday night, after the Look Twice exhibition by Houndstooth Studio, we headed to South Perth for some reflections photos.  The weather had been lousy but cleared off this night to be very still and calm.  I liked the shapes of the coloured light coming through the arches under the Narrows Bridge.

STILT – Another shot taken at the Alfred Cove wetlands, this time a Stilt fossicking for food.  I like the colour and texture in the scrub behind the bird and the blue sky and trees on the water’s surface.

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