Eleanor’s long exposures

Bit of a slow start with this theme. Hundreds of excuses as usual: writing reports at work, rain, wind, cold….

I started off my long exposure shots with this chance grab of a train while Tammy and I were out taking photos of an osprey who didn’t want to play.

I tried panning on a few boats before the train came along. I used 1/20th of a second for the exposure and I had the aperture set to F40 so as not to over expose the shot. I like this style as it lends itself to objects moving through their surroundings. I’ll have to do a bit more practise though.

I headed into the city to meet some friends for a drink. By the time I went back to my car for the tripod the hustle and bustle was over. I’ve seen this kangaroo statue before, but never this close. I do love my 12-24 mm lens for this. This was taken at a shutter speed of 8 seconds and aperture F18.

The traffic along the Canning Highway outside my office is crazy. Getting a little desperate with the week running out fast I took my camera to work and hung out on the side of the highway playing near the traffic. I had cars honk as they went past and people wave and a number of pedestrians stopped to chat and to see if I’d got their picture. I could rabbit on about the blue of the sky and the funny patterns that the cars lights make a but I like this shot because I got all three traffic lights  illuminated  and the red and green man illuminated in the one shot. This was taken at 25 sec F22 and I had two neutral density filters stacked on front of the lens.

Sunday night and I knew I didn’t have enough images. Lucky for me Tammy had spent some time researching spinning steel wool. We had 6 goes at it. It sure gives some cool effects and if it hadn’t been so cold, spinning it in the water where the sparks bounce off the water would have been cool, but that is an activity for much warmer weather. Thanks goes to Tammy for her energy, enthusiasm and for spinning the wool. 25 second exposure, F13 for this one.

After we ran out of wool we laughed ourselves silly trying glow sticks and sparklers. The sparklers were definitely more successful than the glow sticks. I tried writing with the sparkler, but I rushed it and didn’t plan. Tammy, however, is much cooler and thinks about what she’s doing. With her bright little torch she had a numerical alpha message…..

OK, so not 100% but I love it for it’s ghostly appearance….. where did that come from?  Definitely more playing with light is in order. Thanks for that one T.

2 thoughts on “Eleanor’s long exposures

  1. Well done Eleanor. Don’t think I’d have the patience for stuffing around with multiple filters etc. I like the kangaroo sculpture best. Good timing with the traffic lights.

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