I had a lot of fun with this theme.  I’ve always enjoyed long exposure photography and this theme gave me the opportunity to try some new techniques.  I didn’t want to recreate shots done in the past, like freeway traffic at night or the city skyline, so did a bit of web research to learn something new.  So, here are my shots for this fortnight.

TRAIN – I wanted to get a shot of the train coming over the bridge with Fremantle Port in the background.  On Friday night, I chucked the dog and camera in the car and headed out in the cold.  I found a flat spot on the side of the Old Traffic Bridge where I was hidden from the view of the passing cars.  I knew the train wouldn’t be far away as it was just past the hour.  About 10 seconds into my 30 second test shot, the train arrived so I didn’t get the full effect of the train entering and exiting the frame.  I knew another train wouldn’t come for another half hour so I had to be satisfied with my over-exposed half-train shot.

TAMMY – After the train shot, I headed to the beach at Port Coogee and tried writing my name using a torch.  I guess I had it easy as each letter of my name is symmetrical.  The people living nearby must have wondered what the nutter in the pink beanie with the torch was doing!

ORB – After the beach, I made my way to the industrial area near my house and found a set of half-built factory units.  Using the lights from my bike, I had a go at creating orbs.  It was a bit freaky being alone in the units at 10pm at night and when I heard an alarm going off in the units next door, I cleared out before I was kicked out.

SPARKLE – Eleanor and I headed to the beach on Sunday night to try out some steel wool light painting.  We also had sparklers, torches and cyalume sticks in our box of tricks.  This shot was created with the sparklers and my attempt to create a shape rather than just a blob.  I also wanted to get the moon in the shot.

SPIN – During my first attempt with steel wool spinning, I did the spinning so I wanted to try it again with someone else doing the spinning.  I convinced hubby to help me tonight even though he was sure he was going to get arrested or something!  We headed down to the water again and I got him spinning on a jetty.  I really like this shot with the jetty pylons, the circle of light, the glow on the water and the sparks flying everywhere.  And we weren’t arrested!

3 thoughts on “LONG EXPOSURES by Tammy

  1. Aww, thanks Naomi and Ian. It was fun playing with light for this theme. Would like to try it some more too, maybe when the weather warms up!

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