Eleanor’s Shades of Grey

I chose this theme when the sky was all grey and the day was dull and I was in a gloomy mood. Then the following day the sun came out and we had many clear days after that.

Googling black and white photography yields some lovely work of other photographers that acted as inspiration for me. What I realised was that with black and white it’s about strong lines, patterns, shapes, textures and contrasts. The photos I had this in mind when I shot in black and white and it seems that the ones that have some of these elements were more successful than others.


I met Tammy who was out with her dog Hugo at Lake Coogee. She was taking photos of birds and bandicoots. I didn’t come with the right lens for that and was determined to get some black and white shots. Like Tammy, I set my camera to monochrome which allowed me to review my shots and also was a bit freaked out when they turned to colour when I uploaded them into Lightroom.

This is a shot of some water pipe line near Lake Coogee. We were lucky to have some clouds which gave the sky some interest. This was taken with my current favourite lens, my Nikor 12-24 mm. It allows me to get really close and get wide.


On my way home from Lake Coogee I was looking for looking for other subject matter. The strong lines of this sculpture caused me to pull over. I had to change to my 18-200 mm lens because this sculpture at the intersection of two roads is fenced off and I had to zoom in to get the shot I wanted. I like the strong lines and contrasts of the shadows in this shot.

Barbed Wire

This a fenced off area at my local park, but it could be a prison. Barbed wire always looks a bit threatening I feel.


Black and white bird

This is such an urban scene, a magpie on the power lines. It flew off just as I took the shot and I like the movement of the bird contrasting against the strong lines formed by the power pole and lines.


As I arrived back at my house from my walk I noticed this lovely bud poking through the fence. I like the strong lines of the fence broken up by the rose. I used an antique B&W preset in Lightroom with this as it reminded me of something a bit old fashioned.


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