WEATHER by Tammy

I chose this theme and yet I feel I’ve failed it big time. When I chose WEATHER, I was looking out my window at work and could see lots of cool, stormy, dark clouds. I had visions of chasing storms and getting clouds rolling in over the ocean. Then mother nature sent us 2 weeks of beautiful winter sunshine with only a few showers here and there. It has been cold though so I decided to concentrate on the cold weather we’ve been having.

FROST – I got up well before the crack of dawn to meet an equally silly fellow photographer, Craig, at Bell’s Rapids. It was so cold, I had thermals, gloves, beanie and 2 jackets and was still cold. I wasn’t happy with my shots of the river but quite liked this shot of frosty droplets on these dead flower heads.

DEW – Also at Bell’s Rapid’s, the dew and frost on the tall grass blades added to the feeling of cold.

EXHAUST – You know it’s cold when the white steamy stuff coming out of the exhaust of the car is due to the cold weather, and not because your car needs a service. This isn’t the best shot, but it says cold to me.

FOG – I drive past Perry Lakes every morning on my way to work and noticed the fog on the lakes so packed my camera one morning. The beams of sunshine filtering through the trees made the shot, although I got very soggy heels trudging through the grass.

MIST – Also taken at Perry Lakes, the duck looked like it was frozen in place as it sat on the misty water on this cold, cold morning.

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