Eleanor’s Small things

I saw this theme as a gentle encouragement for me to screw on a few close focus lenses onto my 105 mm macro lens and see what was in my backyard. If the neighbours had looked over the fence they might’ve wondered what I was doing lying on my pavers in the front yard and the back yard in between rain showers. The Hoya lenses aren’t all that sharp and the 105 mm still does my head in sometimes but here they are.

Just outside my backdoor I have a little rose bush. it’s got aphids on it which are cool to photograph upclose. Where are the ladybirds?

I decided to go and get some nice shots of my lovely grevillea and found this fly. I think it’s the same sort that Tammy shot stuck in a sundew in her winning botanicals shot in ANZANG last year.

OK, so this jumping spider isn’t sharp, but I couldn’t leave it out. Such a funny little critter. I’ll be looking out for more of these guys. This was also on my grevillea.

This snail was plucked off one of my rosemary bushes. I took a lot of photos of it and couldn’t bring myself to squash it at the end. It lived to eat another seedling.

This ant covered so much more distance than it thought it would carrying this aphid. I had to keep picking it up with a leaf and moving it back to where I was lying on the pavers.


Well, I look forward to seeing what little critters Tammy found in Layang Layang….

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