I’m really late in getting my five macro shots posted, sorry.  I’ve been overseas and then straight back to work so I’ve been catching up on sleep and photos in the evenings.  Finally got around to processing my final selection of images from the trip so here are five that fit the macro theme.

I spent 9 nights at Layang Layang Island Resort exploring the marine life of the South China Sea.  The Island is located an hour’s flight from Kota Kinabalu off Malaysia Borneo.  The island is a tiny part of a coral atoll with a lagoon in the middle and 2 kilometre deep walls on the outside.  The island is home to the dive resort and the Malaysian Navy, nothing more.  While we spent a lot of time looking for large sea creatures – hammerhead, grey reef and white tip sharks, plus turtles, mobula rays and big schools of fish – there was plenty of small things to photograph too.

SEAHORSE – We were so excited to learn that Pgymy Seahorses lived in the seafans hanging off the walls.  For those who haven’t seen one with their own eyes, it’s hard to appreciate just how tiny they are.  No larger than a 5 cent coin and perfectly camouflaged in the seafan, it takes a very keen pair of eyes to find these little guys and a super-macro lens set-up to photograph them.  No easy feat when you are suspended in the water with nothing to hold onto.

NUDIBRANCH – a nudibranch is a sea slug and they are some of the most beautiful creatures in the sea.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures.  On this trip I saw ones ranging in length from around a centimetre to around 15 centimetres.  This one was about an inch long.

SHRIMP – if you look closely at the seafans, you can find all sorts of critters living in their branches.  I noticed this tiny shrimp while photographing the Pygmy seahorses.  Another difficult shot while hanging suspended in the water.

CRAB – these were some of the largest Soft Coral Crabs I’ve ever seen, around an inch or so in size.  They were also paler than others I’ve seen which have been a darker pink colour.  There were two of these crabs on a branch of soft coral and I’m glad I took the time to take some shots.  When we went back a few days later, they were nowhere to be found.

FISH – Another critter seeking protection in the seafan was this little fish.  I’m not sure of the ID of this little guy but he was only around a centimetre long.

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