Eleanor’s Neighbourhood

I enjoy living in my suburb. It has nice character houses and lots of trees and parks.. and hoons. My street has speed humps, but there are still a few places in the suburb where one can do a bit of circle work.

This lovely street is Snook Crescent. It is lined with Jacaranda trees and i must remember to take photos of it again when they’re in bloom.

There are lots of lovely bush gardens and less of the well tended lawn gardens, which is more suited to the Perth coastal climate. This block is Josh Byrnes’ block from Gardening Australia. He got the crappy little house demolished and the block cleared and now the grass has grown and seeded. I am a bit cross that the block has been allowed to become like this but the other day I drove past as the sun was low in the sky and it looked beautiful.

The beauty of having lots of trees in my neighbourhood is it brings in the birds. there are the black cockatoos who come in for the marri nuts and feast on Jacaranda seeds, the rainbow lorrikeets come for the nectar in the flame trees, wattle birds and honey eaters fly and doves come into my garden and today I had little corellas in my acacia tree I have been considering getting rid of. They were munching happily away on the seeds which allowed me time to dash inside, change lenses and get back to grab some shots.

My neighbour has a lovely front garden. She developed it from scratch by removing everything that was there and getting in new soil. On weekends when the weather is good she is always out there tending to it and often the back of her car sits in the driveway with the back up so I can see it’s full of bags of mulch, potting mix and manure. It’s a lovely view from my house and there are many more gardens in Hilton that are cared for in this way which make it such a lovely neighbourhood.

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