Good enough for Eleanor to eat

The idea for this theme came from seeing images on Facebook of “healthy” food on my personal trainer’s page. I thought “I wonder if I can make these sorts of meals look good”. I already knew that photographing food is not as easy as it seems. So the images I took were of meals I had prepared to eat.

My first attempt was a chicken stir fry. I tried to chose ingredients and prepared them in a way that would look visually appealing.

Recently I have discovered quinoa. Quinoa is the seed of a plant that is part of the spinach family. It tastes good, is high in omega 3s and makes a good substitute for rice or in this instance cracked wheat. I made a tabouleh inspired salad with parsley, mint, tomato, avocado, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. Served with some steak cooked rare on a bed of baby spinach.

A gluten free take on a BLT. Bacon, tomato and in this case, baby spinach in lieu of lettuce in a bowl served with whole egg mayonaise and cracked pepper.

Cheat night on Saturday night was wild mushroom risotto.

I decided to make some meat patties to eat during the week. No recipe, pork mince, one egg, chopped parsley, fennel seeds, chilli sauce, cracked pepper, almond meal and preserved lemon. Turned out yummy!

All these meals were eaten and enjoyed by me and all reasonably healthy and are helping me to get lean and strong.


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