I took this theme as an opportunity to have some fun photographing food.  I had a few goes at taking shots of food cooking in the pan or pot but it just looked like a mess.  So I decided to play instead, and went to the supermarket in search of interesting looking food.

WAFER SWIRL – The first thing that caught my eye was a tin of chocolate wafers.  I stuck them in a glass and took a shot from above of the swirly shape.  These wafers didn’t last long after I’d finished photographing them.

SPRINKLES – I wanted to capture the bright colours of the hundreds and thousands as well as the movement of them falling from a bowl.  These remind me so much of my childhood, in particular, fairy bread at birthday parties and in sandwiches in my school lunchbox.

GUMMI BEAR – A trip down the confectionery aisle brings up all sorts of cool looking food.  I wanted to capture a lolly with personality and couldn’t go past the bag of gummi bears.  I took all sorts of shots with the different coloured bears standing in a row, in a circle, talking to each other.  But I chose this one because I like the long shadow as he stands having his portrait taken.

STRAWBERRIES and CAPSICUM – I had so much fun with the next two shots.  Getting the lighting correct was tough and it took me two attempts to get it right.  The next challenge was timing the dropping of the fruit and vegies with the shutter button.  I splashed water all over the place as I dropped not only strawberries and the capsicum but lemons, tomatoes, oranges and even an artichoke.  I had to include two of these shots cos I was pretty happy to get some half decent shots.

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