Eleanor’s Spring has Sprung

I have had the best time with this theme. We have had some fabulous weather.

Last spring when we went wildflower hunting I really wanted to see a fringed lily. We found some down south that were so pale and small, but on our first trip to Wireless Hill while Tammy was shooting a spider I enjoyed this lovely flower.

Inspired by Tammy’s ANZANG Botanical winning fly being caught in a sundew I’m always checking them out for cool insects. I found this unfortunate flying ant. I screwed on my cheap Hoya +4 close up lens and set up to get a shot of this guy. I took so many shots and nearly gave up a few times. It’s not as pretty as Tammy’s but I think I captured the action.

More insects. This lovely fly was on a native violet and just as I snapped my first shot of its back it moved and happily for me parked itself looking straight at my lens on this pretty blue flower that looks like it needs and iron.

Donkey orchids are everywhere, thick patches of them, but this patch was amazing. I used my 60 mm lens and I think it looks like a meadow of orchids. Such happy flowers..

We got to the eastern end of the reserve and found an area that had been burnt out the previous year. Here there were so many kangaroo paw. I love this image because of the golden light and the rim lighting highlighting the kangaroo paw, it just makes me feel happy.

The sun got low and we headed back to the car. We saw Noddys on our way back, but I had no bird lens so I just enjoyed the location. All these images were taken on our first visit to Wireless Hill this spring. It was so wonderful that I went back during the week and found spider orchids heard about some rare orchids and so we had two visits there the following weekend and found orchids we’d not seen before. There will certainly be several more in the next few months.

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