I had such a lot of fun with this theme.  What I enjoyed most was heading out into the bushland with Eleanor and seeing what we could find. We did 4 trips together to Wireless Hill, a gorgeous parcel of native bush in the middle of suburbia.  The wildflowers are putting on a amazing display this year, especially the kangaroo paw in the section that was burnt out a few years ago.  We also found bee orchids which we’d not seen before.  It was so difficult choosing just 5 shots this fortnight, I had so many I loved.  I decided to go for diversity and chose different subjects taken with different lenses too.

SPIDER – I noticed this little spider sitting on some yellow flowers.  As I turned away to find my close-up diopter in my camera bag, the spider lunged forward and caught a beetle.  I took dozens of photos as she slowly sucked the blood and life from the beetle.  I love this shot as she stares right at me, her fangs pressed into the beetle held out in front of her.

WATTLEBIRD – not the best shot but I wanted to include a bird as spring is when they are busy at work building nests and collecting food.  These wattlebirds are fast and difficult to photograph as they leap from tree to tree looking for nectar.  They are noisy too and not afraid to take on birds more than double their size.

FLOWER – I had hundreds of shots of flowers – kangaroo paw and orchids mostly – but I chose to include this one as I love the rim lighting in the late afternoon sun.  I took lots of rim lighting shots over the last fortnight and could have put together a collection of just rim-lit shots.

DRAGON – I chanced across this Western Bearded Dragon who ventured out onto the footpath to soak up the sun.  He sat on the warm path only metres from me before scurrying into the bush, resting at the base of this grasstree.

GRASSHOPPER – This grasshopper is tiny, I’d say about half a centimetre.  It is perched on the unopened flower of a climbing sundew.  I only got a couple of shots before it bounced off but I love the afternoon light on the insect and flower.

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