Eleanor’s Spring Flowers

So many flowers so little time. Wireless Hill, Kings Park, Araluen… Not enough time, so an extra fortnight just on spring flowers was supposed to get us out and about to some other places.

A trip to Busselton for a Photography workshop guaranteed, if the weather was kind, wildflowers and especially orchids. I had hoped there’d be time to get out to Araluen for the mass bulb shots, but time got away. We did find orchids when we went to Busselton, so here is a collection of five.

We drove south along the South West Highway because I thought there would be more photo opportunities, but it poured with rain. We got a respite when we got to Bunbury, quick drive through town and then on to Capel. The sun was still shining as we drove down the driveway to drop Cassie off at her favourite holiday park, Bushlands Pet Resort. Eagle eyed Tammy spotted orchids as I drove down the driveway so after dropping the dog off we stopped on the driveway to capture our first for the weekend.

Purple Enamel Orchid


After a great Saturday morning at Castle Rock looking for landscape opportunities with Christian Fletcher we headed into the bush near Yallingup with our assigned guides from Busselton Camera Club to find orchids and we weren’t disappointed.

Chapman’s Spider Orchids


A bit of a drive down Wildwood Rd to Carbunup to find the Carbunup King Spider Orchid, a tall species of spider orchid.

Carbunup King Spider Orchid


We found others while we were there.

Rattlebeak Orchid


and right on the edge of the path…


Silky Blue Orchid


Orchids are amazing. I have a book which identifies just orchids of south west Australia. It’s 500 pages long and over 100 pages just for spider orchids. What will we find next spring? I’ve just discovered that there are some orchids that flower over summer…..

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