I love photographing wildflowers – not only is it exciting to find a beautiful flower in all the greenery, but it lets me practice my macro skills which then comes in handy for my underwater photography.  We spent a weekend down in Busselton taking landscape and wildflower photos.  It was awesome to get a personal tour through the bush with Ann Storrie who found all sorts of spider orchids for us.  It really is a wonderful time of year to be out taking photos, I hope you enjoy my photos this fortnight as much as I enjoyed taking them.

ENAMEL – We found these enamel orchids growing in a paddock at the dog kennel.  A glimpse of purple caught my eye as we drove along the gravel road so we stopped on the way out.  Just before the heavens opened, we grabbed a few shots  as the sun peeked through the clouds.  I love how shiny these orchids are, they almost look fake.

LEOPARD – this is the back of an enamel orchid.  I love the leopard spots which go unnoticed if you don’t take the time to look at the underside of the flower.

FEATHERS – these gorgeous red flowers were on the beach walk we did with Christian Fletcher from Castle Rock to Meelup Beach.  I’m not sure what they are (and I need to find out) but they were just so delicate with the feather like flowers against dark green foliage.  I found one dripping nectar too which made for some lovely shots.

FRINGE – It’s always lovely to find these beautiful fringed lillies.  They have distinctive twisted leaves and branches which tangle themselves around other plants.  The colour of the flowers is quite varied with some so pale they are almost white and others a darker purpley pink colour.  This one had just a tinge of colour.

SPIDERS – These are Chapman spider orchids with striking blood red markings and long tendrils.  I’ve seen lots of spider orchids but never really appreciated just how many varieties there are and the colour variations that exist.  This clump was in the middle of a dirt track just out of Dunsborough.  I decided to try a different angle so laid on the ground and shot up into the sun.

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