My last theme choice

I can’t believe it’s almost a year since we started this photo challenge.  What a fantastic catalogue of images we’ve shot over that time.

Ok, so my last theme choice is going to be a challenging but creative one.  My camera (so I’m presuming ELanor’s too) has the ability to take multiple exposures in-camera.  Not bracketing where shots at different exposures are taken one after the other, but actual overlaying of the exposures on top of each other.  It’s a setting found within the menu structure but basically you can choose how many images you would like the camera to expose together and then you take those shots one after the other.  I had a quick play this morning with two exposures and it seemed to work ok.  Unlike the old film days where you would shoot a roll of film, then rewind it and shoot over it again, digital cameras allow you to get multiple exposure overlays in just a few clicks.  This is something that could be achieved through layering in Photoshop but since Eleanor and I use Lightroom, we can play around doing it in-camera instead.  Here’s some example on Flickr.

My final theme is MULTIPLE EXPOSURES. Thought this might be a fun one to end on and something a bit different.

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