I chose this theme but I’ve totally bombed at it.  I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t dedicated time  to having a decent play with some ideas.  Instead, here’s five shots from our Perth Royal Show visit.  All shots taken at night in sideshow alley, handheld.  I promise to try harder for the last theme.

SPINNING – The rides in sideshow alley are crazy, especially at night.  It makes me feel wobbly and sick just watching others ride them.  I wanted to show the chaos of having two wild spinning rides side-by-side.

SWINGERS – I loved watching this ride swinging round and round.  The people seemed to be having so much fun and the pulsing colours of the lights were mesmerising.

TWIST – Trying to capture fast moving rides at night with slow shutter speeds and no tripod is a challenge.  I twisted my camera slightly for this double exposure so that it appears the ride has two arms when it actually only has one.

GLITTER LADY – I’m not sure what this lady was for but she was outside some sort of disco ride.  I took a double exposure zooming the lens between each click.

DOUBLE NITRO – Another of the crazy rides.  This one swings and twists.

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