Eleanor’s Landscapes

A trip out to Lake Ballard gave us some excellent opportunities for landscapes. There is some amazing country out there.

Here is the landscape of Lake Ballard, a salt lake where Antony Gormley arranged some strange metal sculptures that are supposed to be residents of nearby Menzies. This shot was taken on the afternoon we arrived.



On the second day it was so hot we went for a drive, taking the engel for a charge up and looking for different landscapes. We came across this windmill watering the bullocks in the area. When we pulled up they all came up to the road. I think they thought we were there to feed them, but the song “cows with guns” did spring to mind and there was one very large bull. So we hopped back in the car…


After two days at Lake Ballard we headed for Kalgoorlie and the Superpit. We observed a blast and then we followed directions to the waste dump to see the haul trucks dumping. What we discovered were massive stockpiles of waste as far as the eye can see. Superpit = super waste pile.


After Kalgoorlie we headed west and stayed overnight in Southern Cross and then on our way back to Perth we went out to Westonia in the search for some interesting landscapes and found Sandford Rocks. The sky was awesome with such lovely clouds.


While Tammy drove I was able to take photos through the window. I was after a shot with a truck, pipeline and the railway line, which sums up the highway.


Great trip. Thanks T for doing all the driving. It was a terrific opportunity to take photos of some amazing sights.

And so endeth my challenge. 5 shots to go and that’s out 260 photos.

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