Wow, our last theme!  And what a cool one to end on.  The trip to Lake Ballard was excellent, with lots of opportunities for photos.  Most time was spent photographing the Antony Gormley sculptures in the lake (sunrise, sunset and under the light of the full moon) but there was plenty of other stuff to shoot too.  So, here are my final five shots, nothing special but fun to try my new wide angle lens which I really like.

SALT LAKE – I couldn’t not include a shot of Lake Ballard since that was the main purpose of our road trip.  This was taken from the top of “the hill” which provides a 360 degree panoramic view of the lake and surrounding bush.  It provides a different perspective as you can see Gormley’s vision more clearly – people connected to people connected to the environment.

WOODLANDS – This was taken at the top of Lion Lookout on the outskirts of Coolgardie town.  From here you get a good view of the Coolgardie bioregion of the Great Western Woodlands, a place of international significance as it’s the largest and most intact temperate woodland left on the planet.

MINESITE – A familiar landscape in the Goldfields is mining.  The discovery of gold in the red dirt by Paddy Hannan in the late 1800’s changed this landscape forever.  This shot is of the eastern face of the KCGM superpit, the largest open cut mine in Australia.  $2 million of gold is hauled out of this massive hole every day of the year.  It’s quite amazing to sit and watch all the activity, it’s not until you see a car against the rock walls that you realise just how big this hole in the ground is.

ROCKS – A glitch in the otherwise flat and repetitive landscape was Sandford Rocks, a granite outcrop rising out of the scrub.  We spent some time here photographing the rocks and surrounding bush and wheatfields.  The sky was stunning, with streaking clouds providing lovely photo opps.

WHEATBELT – We noticed these silos on the drive out of Perth and made a note to ourselves to stop here on the way home.  Clearly, Moylan is the man to make you a silo if you need one, these were dotted across the wheatbelt, spewing out feed in paddocks of sheep.

Well, this post concludes the 260Photos challenge.  In these posts spanning 12 months, you will find 260 photographs – 130 from Eleanor and 130 from me.  It’s been a cool challenge – we’ve tried new things, learned more about our cameras, bumbled our way through a few themes, grown in our photography but most of all, we’ve had fun doing it!

Stay tuned, we’re finalising our thoughts and ideas for a new challenge in 2013.  You haven’t seen the last of us yet!

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